Wheelchair Works

Wheelchair works is Your One Stop Shop for Stairlifts, Wheelchairs, Scooters & More!.
Bringing a new, personalized, method to buying and maintaining your home medical equipment – stairlifts, wheelchairs, scooters, and more! With reliable, caring, and trustworthy service – let us show you how we have become the Lower Mainland’s preferred service provider.




Wheelchair works is a company devoted to customer care and satisfaction. Our values are to be the most dependable, trustworthy and attentive company in the lower mainland providing exceptional service at an affordable price. No matter where you are, what day it is or what time, we will be your first and only call for all of your home medical needs!.



Wheelchair Works

Wheelchair works is the lower mainlands first and only showroom on wheels, we have brought a new and more personalized approach to buying and maintaining your home medical equipment. We offer over 1000 different health and mobility products to serve you and your needs. Offering only the best lines of products with the lowest price guarantee, topped with our 24 hour service availability. We make choosing a vendor a clear choice!.

Did you know?

Wheelchair works is Canada’s highest rated 5 star medical equipment dealer.




“ Wheelchair works did an excellent installation of Bruno Elan Stairlift at our home. He is very knowledgeable. We are pleased with his professionalism, installation, reasonable price and maintenance tips he shared with us. If anyone asks me, without a doubt, I will say go to Wheelchair works !!”

Sam Sundar, Coquitlam

“Wow!! After being stranded on new years eve with my power wheelchair, I gave one call to the emergency line and Ali was there in under an hour! It is good to know I have someone to rely on 24 hours a day. No other company comes close the the level of service and customer satisfaction!  ”

Nadine Alder, North Vancouver

“I saved over $2000 on the exact same product a competitor was trying to up sell. The level of honesty and integrity displayed by this them is unheard of, I spread the word to all my close friends and family and they have received the exact same level of excellence ”

Carol-Ann Tite, Abbotsford
“I have been dealing with Ali at Wheelchair works for over 5 years, he has never let me down and will go out of his way in any scenario. When it comes to medical equipment he is the one and only call you will have to make! ”
Robert Dermonte, Langley

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