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  • 1st month’s rent can be used towards the purchase of that product or a new order

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  • No pressure sales – if you speak to us and don’t think we’re the right fit, we’ll respect your decision!

Whether you need a wheelchair for temporary use or simply want to try one out before making a purchase, we have a great selection of rental wheelchairs from one of our industry leading manufacturers.  We will ensure that your wheelchair rental not only meets all of your needs and expectation but that it is thoroughly inspected and operates like new. Rest assured that you will receive the best value for the best product – contact us today!


Why Rent From Us?

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Features: 2 large drive wheels allowing for self propulsion and canes for the option of being pushed as well. Foldable for ease of storage and transport with detachable footrests. Includes a seat cushion.

Price: C$115/week | C$179/month

Heavy Duty Manual


Features: a reinforced frame to accommodate up to 400 lbs , 2 large wheels for self propelling and detachable footrests for comfort. Foldable for ease of use and transport.

Price: C$119/week | C$189/month

Premium Tilting Wheelchair

Features: “Tilt In Space” technology which provides 3-48 degrees of tilt for individuals requiring adjustability to redistribute their body weight for positioning and pressure relief. Includes standard backrest, headrest and cushion.

Price: C$199/week | C$299/month

Transport Chair

Features: 4 wheels with trigger brakes , full height nylon back and footrests for comfort while being pushed, also foldable for easy storage and transport.

Price: C$65/week | C$100/month



 Wheelchair works did an excellent installation of Bruno Elan Stairlift at our home.  He is very knowledgeable. We are pleased with his professionalism, installation, reasonable price and  maintenance tips he shared with us. If anyone asks me, without a doubt, I will say  go to Wheelchair works !!” 

—  Sam Sundar  — Coquitlam        

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